A unique blend of philosophical reflection, accumulated experience, case-studies and practical business frameworks, The Guiding Purpose Strategy is a book embarking on a journey towards uncovering your deeply rooted inner Purpose, the principal element needed to create and sustain a meaningful brand that in turn leads to a successful company or indeed a fulfilling life.

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Grat to talk #luxury @DolderNews this week with @audiswitzerland, Swiss Deluxe Hotels, Prestige Magazine and a great crowed of thinkers on Progress and the relentless pursuit of creating better tomorrows. https://t.co/XsdP5GLi67 https://t.co/AnfB8JtrEs
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More takeaways distilled in non-intuitive but powerful principles any business can leverage on my latest blog here: https://t.co/M2n7E6bQqk #luxury #business #cars #movies
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